Top 6 Most Antique Tractors In The World

The Fordson tractor, manufactured by Henry Ford and Son, was the first lightweight, mass-produced tractor affordable to the average farmer. He sought farmers' gist from heavy labour.
The two-cylinder kerosene-burning engine produced 15 horsepower at drawbar and 22 at belt The Model D tractor was introduced in 1923, becoming the first tractor built on the market.
The Farmall tractor became the first successful mass-produced row crop tractor. The tractor changed the way farmers worked and helped further mechanise American agriculture.
The Model LA was the largest Case tractor of the time, with 51 HP, sold between 1940 and 53. Case began to modernise its lineup, starting in 1953 with the diesel-engine tractor.
In 1947, the company brought the Model “11” Pony tractor, rated at 10 HP on the drawbar. Designed for small operations and truck farms, the Pony was produced for 10 years.
The Model WC was a tractor made by Allis-Chalmers from 1933 to 1948. The Chalmers Model WC was designed from its start as a nimble, low-cost, but well-powered for row crop.
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