Top 6 Largest Plants in The World

It spans around 77 square miles in Australia, which is achieved through its cloning ability. It features bright green ribbon-like leaves and thrives at depths of 3 feet 3 inches to 49 feet 3 inches.
Coast redwoods, reaching 379 feet high and living 1,200 to 2,200 years, grow mainly along the Pacific coast, prized for valuable timber but endangered.
Mountain ashes, soaring at 330 feet, are Australia's tallest flowering plants, thriving in rainy mountain regions. They boast glossy green leaves and bloom with white flowers from March to May.
Giant bamboo, at 138 feet, flourishes in Southeast Asia's forests and riverbanks up to 6,600 feet high. Its rapid growth and thick culms make it valuable for uses like boat masts and furniture.
Giant highland bananas, reaching 98 feet tall, grow in New Guinea's mountainous regions. Mistaken for trees, they have tightly rolled petioles and produce up to 300 fruits per cluster.
The talipot palm, native to India and Sri Lanka, grows up to 82 feet tall with wide fan-shaped leaves. Its inflorescence, reaching 26 feet long, blooms once between ages 30 and 80 before the plant dies.
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