Top 6 Jowar Production States in India

Maharashtra is the leading producer of Jowar in India as this state has vast area of alluvial soil. As a result, the Jowar production in Maharashtra is profitable for farmers.
Tamil Nadu is another major producer of Jowar in India. A huge number of farmers in Tamil Nadu are engaged in the commercial cultivation of Jowar due to its high demand.
Karnataka contributes to more than 18 percent of the total Jowar production of India. This is because of the fodder which is beneficial for the cattle in Karnataka.
The dry climate and availability of sandy soil of Rajasthan makes it easier to produce Jowar on a large scale. Therefore, Rajasthan is a major producer of Jowar in India.
The soil and climate of Andhra Pradesh is favourable for the commercial cultivation of Jowar in India. Also, many farmers in Andhra Pradesh grow Jowar due to its profitability.
Uttar Pradesh has a huge contribution in the overall production of Jowar in India. This makes Uttar Pradesh one of the major Jowar producers in India.
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