Top 6 Jasmine Flower Producing States in India

Tamil Nadu’s annual Jasmine production stands at 1,80,670 tonnes, leading to a 75 percent contribution to India’s overall production. This makes it a major producer of Jasmine.

Karnataka produced 23,880 tonnes of Jasmine annually, which contributed to 9.9 percent of the overall Jasmine production in India, making it one of the leading producers.

Andhra Pradesh cultivated 22,240 tonnes of Jasmine as this state has an ideal climate and soil for Jasmine. This led to a 9.2 percent share in India’s total production of Jasmine.

The Jasmine production in Gujarat registered at 7,970 tonnes annually. Thus, this Indian state contributed to 3.3 percent of the nationwide production of Jasmine.

Assam’s climate and soil are favourable to Jasmine, leading to 4,560 tonnes of production yearly. This resulted in a 1.8 percent share in the total production in India.

Madhya Pradesh has 550 tonnes of Jasmine production annually. This Indian state contributes to a 0.2 percent share in the country's overall cultivation of Jasmine.

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