Top 6 Indoor Flowering Plants in India

Peace lilies are easy-to-care indoor plants, thriving in bright, indirect sunlight. They bloom white flowers year-round and purify the air.
Pink Jasmine is a rapid-growing vine that can reach up to 25 feet with support. This makes it an ideal choice for adding privacy or concealing unsightly walls and fences in your garden.
African violets are great indoor plants that bloom colorful flowers all year. To care for them, avoid direct sunlight, water once a week, and use a mixture of all-purpose soil.
Moth orchids naturally release moisture, alleviating winter dryness for softer skin and lips. The added humidity also helps reduce the chances of cough, cold, and sore throat.
Flaming Katy plants thrive in bright spots, like sunny windowsills. To keep them alive, let the soil dry a bit between watering and use a well-draining potting mix.
Anthuriums thrive indoors due to specific care needs, growing at a slow to moderate rate. They prefer ample light without the risk of sunburn.
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