Top 6 Gram Farming Tips in India

Bengal gram grows in winter (rabi), is planted Sep-Nov, and is harvested Feb-Apr. Black gram is a rainy season (Kharif) crop. Green gram is Kharif, but in South India, it's a rabi crop.
The ideal soil for growing gram is sandy loam to clay loam with a pH range of 5.5 to 7. Avoid waterlogged and saline-alkaline soils, as good drainage is crucial for successful cultivation.
Cultivate gram in well-drained loam or heavy loam (maar and pandua) soil. First, plough 6cm deep with a disc harrow, followed by two rounds with a local plough or cultivator.
Black gram grows from September to November and is harvested from February to April. However green gram is typically a Kharif crop, but in South India, it's cultivated as a rabi crop.
Apply the first round of irrigation 45-60 days after planting, just before flowering, and provide the second irrigation when grains begin to form in the pods.
Black gram is planted from September to November and is ready for harvest in February, March, and April. It's a Kharif crop, grown during the rainy season.
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