Top 6 Flower Plants for Home Garden

Marigold, or "gainda" in Hindi, blooms from October to November, used in ceremonies. Its vibrant colors include orange and yellow and mixes of orange and rusty brown.
Hibiscus, tropical and sun-loving, have large, showy flowers with prominent stamens. They thrive in temperate climates, growing outdoors in summer and indoors as houseplants in winter.
Rose, or "gulab" in Hindi, is a popular ornamental plant with over 100 species worldwide. Choose the right one for your climate and location to adorn your garden.
Jasmine, or "mogra" in Hindi, renowned for its sweet fragrance, is a popular ornamental plant, perfect for filling your home garden with its enchanting aroma.
Adenium Obesum, or desert rose, is an indoor succulent with diverse 2-3 inch flowers. It's easy to grow and perfect for both warm climates and interior container gardens.
Bougainvillea grows in subtropical to tropical climates, needing full sunlight and little water. In cold climates, protect from frost in winter for successful growth. It can be a beautiful addition to your garden.
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