Top 6 Different Types of Saffron

Bunch Saffron is a variety which has whole strands and includes red stigmas with yellow styles. Also, this saffron variety provides a remarkable aromatic spice.
Pushal Saffron is also known as "mancha" saffron and it consists of saffron threads which have red stigmas and a portion of the yellow style. Also, this saffron has a mild flavour.
Sargol Saffron is a premium-grade saffron which has vivid red stigmas. This ensures concentrated flavour, making it a popular choice for cooking and medicinal uses.
Negin Saffron is popular for its premium quality and consistent, long, and thick red stigmas. This makes it one of the highest-grade saffron varieties with an intense flavour.
Kashmiri Saffron is grown in the Kashmir Valley, and it has a unique deep red colour and long threads. This makes it one of the most expensive saffron varieties globally.
Greek Saffron is produced in the region of Kozani, Greece, and is known for its dark red colour and strong aroma. This makes it one of the finest saffron varieties in the world.
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