Top 6 Different Types of Peas

Snap Peas have crisp, edible pods, which offer a delightful twist on traditional pea varieties. This type of peas is one of the best options for snacking or cooking.
Snow Peas are characterised by their flat, tender pods. They are a unique pea variety that adds a delicate crunch to stir-fries and salads, making them a demanded choice.
Shelling Peas, also popular as English Peas, require shelling to achieve their sweet, plump peas. This makes them a classic choice for various culinary creations.
Tall Telephone Peas are recognised for their impressive height and bountiful pods. They are one of the favourite pea varieties among gardeners and pea cultivators.
Garden Sweet Peas have sweet and aromatic blossoms. As a result, they are a charming addition to any garden, and this variety of peas offers a unique floral fragrance.
Spring Peas are renowned for their early-season availability. Also, they bring a burst of fresh, vibrant flavour to springtime dishes, which symbolises the season's renewal.
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