Top 6 Different Types of Farming In India

Organic farming uses natural fertilisers and pest control from plant or animal waste. It aims to address environmental issues caused by chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.
Subsistence farming is when farmers grow food for their families with little left for sale. This was typical in preindustrial societies worldwide.
Home farming involves growing crops or raising animals for personal use within one's residence. It promotes self-sufficiency and sustainable living.
Agribusiness, also known as commercial agriculture, involves cultivating crops and raising livestock for the purpose of selling products in the market to generate income.
Plantation farming involves clearing large forest areas, planting many crops on the cleared land, boosting production, and facilitating better cultivation control.
Terrace farming is an agricultural technique where sloped land is transformed into flat steps. This minimises runoff and enables crop cultivation in hilly or mountainous regions.
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