Top 6 Celery Producing States in India

Gujarat leads India in celery production, contributing 61.58% with 18.72 thousand tonnes yields in 2021-22. It's the largest producing state, showcasing significant agricultural prowess.
Punjab ranks second in India for celery production, contributing 6.10 thousand tonnes and holding a 20.07% share. This highlights its significant role in the country's celery cultivation.
Rajasthan stands as India's third-largest celery producer. In 2021-22, it contributed 3.24 thousand tonnes, accounting for 10.66% of the nation's total celery output.
West Bengal ranks as India's fourth-largest celery producer. In 2021-22, it contributed 1.32 thousand tonnes, representing 4.34% of the nation's total celery production.
Karnataka ranks as the fifth-largest celery producer in India. It contributed 0.99 thousand tonnes to the production in 2021-22, accounting for 3.26% of the total celery output in the country.
Madhya Pradesh ranks as the sixth-largest celery producer in India. Its modest contribution of 0.03 thousand tonnes represents a 0.10% share in the overall production of these crops.
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