Top 6 Cashew Producing States In India

Cashew growing benefits include high profitability, several harvests, preventing soil erosion, and the development of jobs. It supports a variety of agro-industries and supplies nutrient-dense nuts.
Maharashtra is the leading producer of cashews due to its ideal soil and climate. The state's infrastructure facilitates effective production, processing, and export, hence enhancing regional economies.
Andhra Pradesh enjoys the perfect coastal climate for cashew cultivation. The state's focus on agro-innovation supports local markets and farmers by improving production and quality.
Orissa is a major cashew producer due to its favourable environment and government support. Focusing on eco-friendly farming ensures consistent growth in output and income.
The diverse climatic zones of Karnataka favour cashew production. Strong agricultural laws and research programmes in the state support the production and export of premium cashews.
Cashew farming in Tamil Nadu is encouraged by the state's rich soil and pleasant climate. The state produces and processes well, guaranteeing a consistent supply for both local and international markets.
Kerala is a major cashew grower due to its coastal environment and customary cultivation practices. The state's integrated agricultural methods improve local livelihoods and increase production.
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