Top 5 Watermelon Production States in India

Arka Manik, Arka Jyoti, Asahi Yamato, Durgapura Meetha and Black Thunder are the popular types of watermelon. However, every watermelon variety is highly profitable.
Uttar Pradesh is the leading state for watermelon production in India. Moreover, the average watermelon cultivation in Uttar Pradesh is around 706.65 tonnes of yield.
Andhra Pradesh total land area under watermelon production is about 8,520 hectares. Along with this, the Anantapura district of Andhra Pradesh is most popular for watermelon cultivation.
Tamil Nadu watermelon is considered a short-duration cash crop. As a result, farmers highly recommend this crop for a profitable income according to the ideal climate.
Watermelon production in Karnataka is practised on 11,730 hectares of its land. Moreover, the district of Mysore is the largest producer of watermelon in India.
Odisha watermelon production is done on 12,510 hectares of land in Odisha. Also, Odisha’s government helps the farmers to grow more watermelons.
Due to the numerous initiatives by the government of West Bengal, watermelon production is highly practised in West Bengal. Many farmers rely on watermelon for profitable income.
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