Top 5 Vitamin C Rich Drinks for Immunity

Vitamin helps strengthen the immune system, leading to the proper functioning of the body. Consuming vitamin C-rich drinks regularly repairs tissue damage as well.
Oranges are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C making them an ideal choice as a juice. With a delicious taste, orange juice fulfils the daily vitamin C requirement.
This citrus fruit juice contributes to the daily requirement of vitamin C. Grapefruit juice is also considered an immunity booster with a tangy taste to cleanse your palette.
Consuming a Kiwi smoothie by preparing it with spinach or other leafy veggies is helpful for the daily vitamin C. You can also add banana or coconut water for enhanced nutrition.
Pineapple offers an ideal amount of vitamin C as a tropical fruit. Consuming pineapple as a smoothie will provide the body with essential nutrients and vitamin C.
Strawberries and lemons have vitamin C and making a drink using them will boost the vitamin C in the body. You can also add honey to improve the taste of strawberry lemonade.
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