Top 5 Vitamin A Rich Food: Benefits Of Vitamin A Food

Vitamin A rich veggies are essential for proper functioning of the body. Sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale and red bell peppers are the best 5 veg vitamin A rich foods.
Sweet potatoes are enriched with a high amount of vitamin A and beta carotene. The regular consumption of vitamin A will be more than enough for the daily amount of vitamin A.
Carrot contains around 459 mcg of vitamin A from half a cup serving. This veggie is a great source of vitamin A, and it also contains dietary fibre for added health benefits.
Spinach has around 64 percent of the daily required vitamin A. You will get 573 mcg of vitamin A from a half-cup serving of boiled spinach, leading to better health and immunity.
Kale is also a recommended source of vitamin A, which is beneficial for hair and skin. Adding Kale to your diet will be a healthier choice as it gives 20% of your daily vitamin A.
Half a cup of red bell peppers offers 47% of the daily requirement of vitamin A. This veg vitamin A rich food is beneficial for our health due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
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