Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in June

Farmers can grow several vegetables in June, a warm, sunny summer month. These summer vegetables include cowpeas, okra, spinach, white onions, and beans.
Cowpeas can handle the heat and thrive in warm June weather. They add nitrogen to the soil, making them good for crop rotation. Harvest the tender pods when they are still green for the best flavor.
Okra(Lady's fingers) is ideal for planting in June since it loves the summer heat. It grows quickly and produces tender pods within 50-60 days. Regular harvesting will promote a season-long yield.
Although spinach grows best in cool weather, heat-tolerant varieties can be sown in June. Provide partial shade and regular irrigation to avoid bolting and enjoy a steady supply of leafy greens.
White onions can be planted in June for a late summer crop. They need full sun and well-drained soil. To promote proper bulb growth, thin out seedlings and water regularly.
Beans are excellent to plant in June due to their rapid growth and heat tolerance. Depending on available space, one can choose pole or bush varieties. Regular pod picking promotes more production.
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