Top 5 Vegetables for Increasing Immunity against Covid-19

Boost Immune Systems

Top 5 Vegetables for Increasing Immune Systems to Fight against Coronavirus and keep your health in check during this period.


Brinjal is the healthiest vegetable with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This super veggie is good for diabetes and has low calories, which helps in weight loss and keeps the digestive system well.


One of the strongest immune system boosters, cucumber is only grown in the summer. Due to its high water content, it prevents dehydration in the body and keeps it hydrated during the heat.

Bottle Gourd

The bottle gourd is a green vegetable that builds immunity to COVID-19. Being incredibly rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, it is good for the heart and the best remedy for stress.

White Onions

This is the most effective vegetable for boosting the immune system, with all the nutrients and qualities that increase stamina and stabilize the body. In addition, regular use improves bone density and blood sugar levels.


Spinach is a powerful vegetable that comes in low-calorie packaging and contains nutrients. It enhances bone health, manages diabetes, regulates blood sugar, improves blood, and provides vitamins and minerals.

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