Top 5 Vegetable Production States in India

Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of vegetables in India. This state has many farmers engaged in the commercial production of vegetables, resulting in higher profits.
Uttar Pradesh contributes 14.8 percent of the total vegetables produced in India. This state’s agro-climatic conditions have a significant role in vegetable cultivation.
West Bengal accounts for producing 14 percent of the overall production of vegetables in India. This state has a large land area dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables.
In Madhya Pradesh, vegetable production is increasing, with a huge volume produced annually, contributing significantly to the agricultural production of the country.
Bihar has been a major contributor to India's total vegetable production, with a high annual output. Vegetable farming is a profitable business for farmers in Bihar.
Maharashtra is also a popular state in India for the commercial cultivation of vegetables in India. This state mostly cultivates onion, brinjal, chillies and lady finger.
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