Top 5 variety of Wheat in India - Types of Wheat

Wheat, an annual crop, is planted in autumn for winter wheat or in spring for spring wheat. After tilling the soil, it's plowed and harrowed to eliminate weeds and ensure a level surface.
Sharbati atta, with its high protein and gluten content, is deemed healthier than regular wheat flour. Its protein helps maintain tissues, while gluten gives bread its chewy texture.
Rajwadi Wheat, a speciality from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, is sourced for Rentio Wheat. It undergoes processing in de-stoner, gravity separator, and color Sortex machines.
Durum wheat, the second most cultivated wheat after bread wheat, thrives in hot, dry Mediterranean climates. Planted in spring and harvested in fall, it's ground into semolina for pasta like couscous.
Lokwan Wheat, known as "golden grains," is prized for its high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and proteins. It improves heart health and is celebrated for its purity and quality.
Sonalika, introduced in India in 1963, is a disease-resistant, high-yielding wheat variety. It is semi-dwarf, dubbed Mexican wheat, and was developed by Dr. Borlaug in Mexico in the same year.
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