Top 5 Varieties of Black Pepper: Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper helps in the quicker healing of wounds, improves bone health and boosts metabolism. In addition, this spice is loaded with manganese to make the body function better.
This black pepper variety has a pungent aroma and greenish colour. At the same time, the Malabar Garbled black pepper is ideal for robust flavour at reasonable prices.
The Kuthiraivali black pepper variety comprises long spikes resembling a horse tail. On the other hand, it has oval-shaped leaves with medium size, which have even margins.
This black pepper variety is popular in Kerala due to the suitable climatic conditions for higher production. As a result, the Karimunda black pepper is profitable for farmers.
Neelamundi black pepper has a bluish shade, and it is regularly grown in south India. Also, only a few kilos of Neelamundi pepper are obtained each year, making it a rare variety.
Balankotta black gives a high-quality yield and can be easily grown in shades. Moreover, this variety’s plant has evenly margined branches and drooping leaves.
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