Unique Fruits in India: Types of Exotic Fruits

Seasonal fruits give higher profits due to their high demand. Moreover, the seasonal fruits do not require much maintenance and caring for a healthy production.
The Bengaluru Blue Grapes are small-sized berries, and it is a variety of fox grapes. However, as the name suggests, it is majorly cultivated in Bangalore of Karnataka.
This unique fruit is popular for its high water content, making a preferred fruit for the summer season. It also has high lycopene and vitamin C for health benefits.
Mandarin oranges belong to the family of citrus fruits. This unique fruit is smaller in size, easier to peel and it has a reddish-orange appearance with a sweet taste.
Ratnagiri mangoes are in high demand. Along with this, the fruit has a smaller seed and its pulp is more delicious than other mangoes.
This unique variety of litchi has a juicy pulp and eye-catching red colour. Apart from this, the tezpur litchi thrives best in moist conditions for higher yield.
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