Top 5 Types Plantation Agriculture in India

Plantation agriculture involves large-scale cultivation of cash crops- tea, coffee, or rubber. It happens typically in tropical or subtropical regions, often for export purposes.
Coffee plantations are serene havens where lush greenery meets the aroma of freshly brewed beans. They offer a tranquil retreat amidst nature, and coffee is the most consuming.
Tea plantations are agricultural estates where tea bushes are cultivated and harvested for the production of tea leaves. Furthermore, they are processed into various types of tea.
Rubber plantations sustainably cultivate rubber trees for latex production. This is contributing to various industries like automotive, medical, and construction worldwide.
Sugarcane plantations are important for the sugar industry. They used to provide raw materials for sugar production and supporting economies in various regions worldwide.
Fruits provide fresh produce, contribute to the economy, and promote sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation. Plantations are vital for agricultural diversity.
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