Top 5 Types of Shrimp Farming in India

Vannamei prawn is a freshwater species that thrives in low chloride and can yield 150-500 kg per hectare in 1-2 crops per year after 4-5 months of cultivation. Despite being nutritious, declining profits are due to poor water management.
Brown shrimp is a small shellfish resembling prawns but with a flatter, smaller body that grows based on temperature and salinity, and can grow to 7 inches long. It has a stronger mineral flavor and is popular in cooking.
White shrimp is popular and profitable for prawn farming growing fast, and tender and sweet. Optimal conditions include loamy, sandy soil, suitable water temperature and salinity. But it has a short lifespan of under 2 years
Giant Tiger shrimps, large commercial prawns grown in coastal areas, are one of the top 5 different types of shrimp that grow up to 33 cm and live underwater for up to 5 years. They are edible and high in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin E
Freshwater prawn is a crucial commercial species, grows to 29-33 cm (male/female) and is harvested at 5 months with a 3-year lifespan. It has a delicate, sweet taste and 17.6g of protein.
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