Top 5 Types of Roses in India : Best Rose Varieties

Climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, grandiflora roses, shrub roses and alba roses are the popular rose varieties, offering a profitable business opportunity in floriculture.
Climbing roses have various cultivars, such as "New Dawn" and "Blaze," with unique colors and characteristics. This makes them versatile choices for vertical gardening.
Hybrid tea roses, celebrated for their fragrance and single-stemmed blooms, are a popular choice among rose growers and are often used for cut flower arrangements.
Grandiflora roses, a hybrid between hybrid tea and floribunda roses, offer elegant stems and clusters of large, colorful blossoms, making them ideal for garden displays.
Shrub roses are versatile plants that come in various forms, including both single and repeat bloomers. This makes them suitable for a wide range of garden styles.
Alba roses, known by their pale and robust, disease-resistant nature, are among the oldest rose varieties and have been cherished for centuries for their simple beauty.
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