Top 5 Types Of Plough Uses and Benefits in India

Plough is used for land preparation in farming before sowing the crops to ensure proper plant growth. It also brings out the nutrients trapped inside the soil.
A wooden plough is traditional farming equipment, which is made of wood. It is operated and applied in the agricultural field by dragging with the help of animals.
As the name suggests, it is composed of steel and iron, which has numerous blades. The iron plough is dragged in the soil to make it suitable for sowing activities.
The Mole plough is used to install pipelines in the crop field. It creates accurately measured channels in the soil for irrigation and other crop production activities.
This type of plough is used for reversible ploughing, and its another application in the farming field is creating a way for transporting farming essentials.
This farming equipment is used for deep ploughing for those crops which grow in mud. Also, this plough uses a ridge technique for ploughing the agricultural land.
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