Top 5 Different Types of Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers enhance soil health, promoting natural balance and plant vitality. They're chemical-free, aiding in decomposition without disturbing soil harmony.
It's made from animal waste like cow dung and goat droppings. Cattle manure provides nitrogen and organic carbon, while goat manure is rich in nitrogen and potash.
Compost is made by decomposing organic matter through a process called composting. This organic matter can include things like leftover vegetables, plant scraps, and animal waste.
This type of rock is called sedimentary rock, and it's packed with many phosphate minerals. People use it naturally to help balance the phosphate levels in soil.
It's made from chicken manure and sawdust and contains lots of nitrogen and potash. This mix is better than chemical fertilisers for improving soil quality before planting.
It's a blend of ground animal bones from slaughterhouses, rich in phosphorus and amino acids. As an organic fertilizer, it releases nutrients slowly, benefiting soil health.
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