Top 5 Types of Millet in India

Millets are a diversified group of small-seeded grass which are grown as cereals for human consumption. However, not every cereal crop is considered a millet crop.
Ragi or finger millet is a herbaceous crop which is grown annually. Loaded with dietary fibre, Ragi is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol, and it belongs to the Poaceae family.
Highly consumed in India, Bajra is beneficial for controlling blood pressure. This potassium-loaded millet variety has white, yellow, grey and bluish-purple shades.
This gluten-free millet is known for its immunity-boosting properties. Buckwheat millet is popular in India by the name of Kuttu. This millet is related to sorrel and rhubarb.
Barnyard millet is not a grain, it is a type of wild seed. Grown in hilly areas, this millet is enriched with calcium, iron, protein and minerals, and it is low in carbs.

It is an annual millet popular for weight loss by keeping you full for a longer duration. Kodo millet also helps increase collagen production, leading to better-quality skin.

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