Top 5 Types of Aromatic Plants in India

When touched, aromatic plants release essential oils and fragrances, offering diverse benefits in medicine, cosmetics, food, and aromatherapy.
Lavender, a plant with purple flowers and a soothing scent, hails from the Mediterranean but thrives in temperate climates. Its oil aids insomnia, anxiety, and skin issues and flavours delightful treats.
Jasmine, a fragrant-flowered plant, boasts over 200 species with white, yellow, pink, or purple flowers. Its oil uplifts moods, reduces stress, and adds a delightful flavour to teas, rice dishes, and desserts.
Roses, with beautiful and fragrant flowers, grow worldwide. Rose oil balances emotions and heals skin, while rose water is a versatile toner. They also flavour jams, syrups, candies, and beverages.
Juniper, a Northern Hemisphere evergreen, offers woody, spicy oil to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. It aids respiratory and urinary issues, arthritis, and flavours of meat dishes.
Rosemary, a fragrant Mediterranean herb, improves memory and scalp health with its fresh oil. It's a versatile culinary herb for meat, fish, vegetables, and bread.
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