Top 5 Types of Agriculture Methods in India

Agriculture is one of the most extensive activities globally and a good source of income for farmers. It is divided into the wide criteria under which many agriculture practices come which we have mentioned below.

1. Subsistence Farming

Subsistence Farming is done for personal use where the farmers nurture the livestock and grow plants for their self-consumption.

2. Nomadic Herding

In this kind of farming, farmers work as wanderers and completely rely on their livestock.

3. Livestock Farming

It is very lucrative and highly profitable farming which can be done on a small and large scale. By raising the livestock you can start dairy farming, poultry farming etc.

4. Commercial Farming

It is a kind of farming where farmers raise livestock and grow crops for trade.

5. Horticulture

This farming grows the fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants in a kind of garden.

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