Top 5 Type Benefits Of Perennial Crops in India

The crops which are harvested annually and they do not require planting every time after harvesting. This type of farming is beneficial for generating higher income at low-cost.
The crops such as trees, shrubs or vines are called woody perennials which have a stiff structure, and this type of crops have a life expectancy of more than one year.
When a plant dies every year and its roots remain alive to regenerate the plants, it is known as Herbaceous Perennial crops, and these crops mainly consist of decorative plants.
The crops which seasonally lose their leaves or stems because of less water availability. Moreover, Herbaceous and Woody perennials are parts of Deciduous Perennials.
The perennial crops which flower only once a year, are called Monocarpic Perennials. These perennials die after giving flowers and fruits because their life cycle completes afterwards.
The plants which provide foliage throughout the entire winter are called Evergreen Perennials. These crops help in profits due to their capability to tolerate harsh weather.
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