Top 5 Turmeric Production States in India

The largest producer of turmeric in India is Maharashtra, with an estimated production volume of 367.99 thousand metric tons. Now let us learn more about the other turmeric-producing states in India.
India's largest turmeric producer is Maharashtra contributing 30% of the country's production. Key districts that grow the most turmeric in the state include Sangli, Nashik, Ahmednagar, and Pune.
Telangana makes for 27% of the nation's production, which puts it in the second spot. While the prominent growing districts are Nizamabad and Karimnagar, turmeric grows in Warangal and Khammam too.
Karnataka ranks third with an 11% share in India's turmeric production. Chitradurga, Tumkur, Hassan, and Haveri are important turmeric-growing districts in the state.
Holding the fourth position, Tamil Nadu recorded an impressive production volume of approximately 104.4 thousand metric tons, making up around 9% of India's total turmeric production.
Andhra Pradesh yielded around 74.69 thousand metric, contributing 6% to the nation's total output. Key turmeric-growing districts include Prakasam, Guntur, Kurnool, and Anantapur.
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