Top 5 Tuberose Producing States in India

Tuberose is grown in warm, humid places in India, such as Karnataka, Maharashtra, and West Bengal. Ideal cultivation temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C.
West Bengal leads in tuberose production in India. Places like Bagnan, Kolaghat, Midnapore, Panskura, Ranaghat, and Krishnanagar have ideal climates for growing this fragrant flower.

Tamil Nadu is a major player in India's tuberose (rajnigandha) production, ranking second nationally. This fragrant flower thrives in the state's tropical climate and well-drained soils.

Karnataka is a major tuberose producer in India, ranking third nationally. This fragrant flower thrives in Karnataka's warm climate, making it ideal for cultivation.
Andhra Pradesh is India's fourth largest producer of TubeRose. It faces a loss of 13.62 units in value, as there's no value from cutting the flowers, leading to a total loss of 13.62 units.
Chhattisgarh had about 1.3 hectares of land for growing tuberose. People might grow tuberose in small areas for local use or as decoration in Chhattisgarh.
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