Top 5 Tomato Production States in India

The major tomato varieties in India are Abhinav, Namdhari, Vaishali, Rupali, Arka Shrestha, Arka Vardan, Arka Vishal, Pusa Ruby, Arka Vikas and Pusa Early Dwarf.
Tomato is a majorly produced crop in Andhra Pradesh. The recommended season for tomato cultivation in Andhra Pradesh is between March and August for a good yield.
Tomato production in Madhya Pradesh is done on about a total of 72,300 acres of land. The famous tomato-producing states of Madhya Pradesh are Jhabua and Chhindwara Shivpuri.
Karnataka is another major tomato-producing state, which produces 4 lakh tonnes of tomatoes annually. This state also exports lots of tomatoes, making its production profitable.
Tomatoes can be grown in any season in this state. As a result, Tamil Nadu contributes a total of 7% tomato cultivation of the overall tomato production in India.
Tomato cultivation in Gujarat requires hot and humid weather for a good yield. As a result, Tomatoes are cultivated in the winter, rainy and summer seasons in Gujarat.
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