Top 5 Tips To Start Organic Farming

Organic farming involves cultivating different crops without using pesticides, chemical fertilisers, or growth regulators. This type of farming aims to maintain soil fertility using organic matter.
Promoting organic farming in India will help maintain soil fertility by excluding synthetic inputs. On the other hand, the produced yield will also be more nutritious and tastier.
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The soil preparation is done using cow dung and nutritious compost. After that, monitoring for weeds and pests can help grow an optimal and healthy crop.
Natural methods, such as crop rotation, companion planting, and biological controls, are used to maintain a healthy ecosystem and effectively manage pests and diseases.
The Indian government provides capital investment subsidies to organic cultivators. This helps in improving farm productivity while preserving soil and ecosystem balance.
Organic farming is profitable because it uses organic waste, reducing input costs. Additionally, organic products have higher market value and demand compared to conventionally grown crops.
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