Top 5 Tips To Grow ZZ Plant : ZZ Plant Benefits

ZZ plants grow well with sufficient aeration. Zamioculcas zamiifolia can flourish well with minimum disturbance. This makes them ideal for growing without high maintenance.
This indoor plant does not require much irrigation as it is drought-tolerant. You only need to water the ZZ plant when the soil dries up, and underwatering is recommended.
For indoor ZZ plants, a mixture of coarse sand, perlite and potting soil is suitable. Also, coir or sphagnum moss should be used as they have higher moisture retention.
You can easily grow ZZ plants at room temperature. The best temperature for ZZ plants lies between 18°C to 24°C. However, temperature below 7°C stops the growth of the plants.
The pot should be made from a porous material like cement, ceramic, or terracotta. This ensures proper drainage for a healthier development of Zanzibar Gem plants.
Providing fertilizers once a month is adequate for healthy ZZ plants. However, fertilizers with higher concentrations should be avoided as they can disrupt the plants’ growth.
Pruning is a crucial step to obtaining high-quality ZZ plants. In this process, the dying and unhealthy stems are cut off in order to boost the growth of the plants.
One should carefully remove the plants from the pot with hands. Moreover, pruning is carried out again to eliminate the unhealthy roots which can restrict the growth.
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