Top 5 Tips to Boost Vitamin D Levels In Body

Vitamin D is essential for the proper absorption of calcium, which is needed by bones. At the same time, Vitamin C has a significant role in the healing of wounds.
The daily intake of Vitamin D depends on the individual’s age. However, 10 micrograms of Vitamin D is generally recommended for the proper functioning of the body.
We can easily obtain a high amount of vitamin D by spending time in sunlight. Our skin absorbs radiation from the sun, and the cells convert it into vitamin D.
As mushrooms are exposed to sunlight, they contain a significant amount of vitamin D. As a result, eating mushrooms can be beneficial to efficiently obtain vitamin D.
Eating healthy fortified foods is also one of the best ways to get the daily required vitamin D. Various vitamin D fortified foods are available, such as cereals and dairy products.
Considering supplements for vitamin D is a great way for those who have a busy lifestyle. A number of supplements are available which can easily fulfil the daily needed amount.
Exercising regularly can boost the amount of vitamin D obtained from the daily diet. Therefore, working out is another recommended way to achieve beneficial vitamin D.
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