Custard Apple Farming in India - Custard Apple Varieties


Custard apple or Sitafal is grown on fifty-five thousand hectares of land in India. Many Indian states grow custard apples, including Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra.
Custard apple varieties in India are Arka Sahan, Arka Neelanchal Vikram, Barbados seedling, Kakarlapahad and British Guinea, which are cultivated for high yield.
A dry and hot climate is ideal for growing custard apples. It requires a significant amount of rainfall in summer, and the crop must be protected from frostbite and cold.
Sandy loam soil, along with well-structured clayey soil, is considered suitable for custard apple farming. The crops need soil with proper drainage for high-quality yield.
Pits are prepared of dimensions 60x60x60 m, and the distance between pits depends on the type of soil. The flowering starts in May, and fruits emerge during the monsoon.
Custard apple farming in India needs regular irrigation. The drip irrigation system is recommended in the production of custard apples during the flowering stage.
We can obtain the production from custard apple farming after 3 years. It is carried out from August to September in South India and from September to November in North India.
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