Top 5 Tea Production States in India

Tea farming's popularity stems from its lucrative market, a long-standing tradition, and unique flavour profiles that delight tea enthusiasts, making it a thriving industry in India.
Assam tea comprises 52% of India's tea output. Cultivated in the Assam Valley and Cachar regions, it is widely enjoyed as black tea, masala chai, and refreshing iced tea.
West Bengal produces 25% of India's tea, including the renowned Darjeeling tea with geographical indication status, known for its unique aroma, flavour, and exceptional quality.
Tamil Nadu produces 17% of India's tea, mainly in the Nilgiri hills. The cool and moist climate is ideal for cultivation. This Nilgiri tea has a strong, fragrant, refreshing flavour and dark colour.
Karnataka contributes 3% of India's tea production, mainly from the Western Ghats region, favoured for its tropical and subtropical climate. This tea is ideal for black, green, and white tea.
Kerala, India's fifth-largest tea producer, contributes 2% of the country's output, known for its rich and flavorful tea cultivated in the Idukki district, used for black, green, and herbal tea.
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