Top 5 Sunflower Production States In India

In India, sunflowers are beautiful and useful for their oil and seeds. They're grown widely in fields during winter and make for a lovely stroll.
The majority of India's sunflowers are farmed in this state. It is the perfect location for sunflowers due to the favorable environment and excellent soil.
Andhra Pradesh, the second-largest producer of sunflowers in the nation, is recognised for its great sunflowers used to make oil.
Sunflowers are grown extensively in Tamil Nadu, especially in the districts of Coimbatore and Dindigul.
This state is known for its large-scale sunflower cultivation, with many farmers growing sunflowers as a cash crop.
Telangana has quickly emerged as a major player in the sunflower production industry. Its favourable climate and rich soil are quickly becoming a popular destination for sunflower farmers.
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