Top 5 Summer Fruits in India - Seasonal Fruits

Numerous health benefits are offered by summer seasonal fruits, and these fruits are essential to fight the harmful heat of the summer while being a profitable farming option.
Watermelon has high water content, and this juicy fruit is the right choice to beat the scorching heat of summer. It is loaded with potassium and Vitamin C & B6.
Mango is called the king of fruits due to its rich taste, and it is used in numerous dishes in Indian households during the summer season. Loaded with lots of fibres, it has many benefits.
Papaya is also another beneficial summer season fruit. It is a helpful fruit for gastrointestinal health and has significant amounts of beta-carotene with antioxidants.
Pineapple has many benefits in the summer season as it reduces inflammation. Along with this, it is helpful in regulating blood pressure while promoting fat loss.
Grapes are beneficial summer season fruits, which are helpful for heart health. This fruit promotes bone health, boosts the brain, fights eye diseases and cures viral infections.
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