Top 5 Summer Flowers for Home Garden

Out of many flower varieties, marigolds bloom all season. They're colourful and easy to grow. Perfect for gardens, marigolds add beauty to any space with their vibrant flowers.
As mentioned earlier, Marigold is the only flower that bloom all season. They are bright and easy to grow in summer. Also, they attract butterflies and pollinators.
This summer flower for the home garden is also known as Flame of the Forest. Palash is a bright orange flower that is drought-tolerant and adds a tropical touch to gardens.
Jasmine is a fragrant white flower that thrives in warm climates and blooms in summer. It is ideal for trellises or grown as a fragrant hedge in your home garden.
This type of summer flower grows big, colourful blooms in red, pink, or white. It loves sunlight and warmth and is perfect for gardens, as it adds tropical vibes.
Sunflowers are large, lively blooms that follow the sun. Easy to grow from seeds. Add a bright touch to gardens and are great for attracting pollinators like bees and birds.
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