Top 5 Sugarcane Producing States in India

Sugarcane has antioxidants that fight harmful molecules called free radicals, which can worsen health issues like diabetes, malaria, heart attacks, and skin cancer. So, sugarcane helps protect against these problems.
Maharashtra became India's biggest sugarcane producer because of its good weather. Cooperative sugar mills in districts like Kolhapur, Sangli, Solapur, Pune, Satara, and Ahmednagar help local farmers.
Uttar Pradesh emerged as the second leading sugarcane producing state in India, contributing 177.43 million tonnes annually, which represents 45.89% of the country's total output of the crop.
Karnataka ranks third in sugarcane production in India, contributing over 15% of the nation's total output. The state's production stands at 56.45 million tonnes, accounting for 36.24% of its contribution.
Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest sugarcane-producing state in India, contributing over 10% to the country's total production. The state's production is 14.53 million tonnes, making up 16.04% of its contribution.
Andhra Pradesh also stands among the top sugarcane producing states in India, contributing over 4% to the country's total production. With a production of 3.65 million tonnes, it accounts for 6.91% of its contribution.
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