Top 5 Sugarcane Farming Tips in India

Sugarcane is immunity boosting and has high Vitamin C content. Beneficial for low blood sugar, its antioxidant properties help in flushing out the toxins from the body.
The major varieties of Sugarcane varieties are Bhima, Prabha, Nayana, Bhavani, Kalyani, Uttara and Sarayu. These sugarcane varieties are highly profitable for farmers.
Sugarcane is a long duration plant and it requires a tropical climate for ideal growth. In addition, it needs a significant amount of sunlight for proper plant development.
Sugarcane plant grows best in a deep, loamy and well-drained soil, and the recommended soil pH level is 6.5 for higher production in the cultivation of Sugarcane.
There are 4 common types of planting methods for the large-scale cultivation of Sugarcane, which are Ridge and furrow, flat bed, Rayungan and trench or Jawa method.
Harvesting of Sugarcane should be done at the right stage for a healthy yield. Sugarcane is manually harvested by making a slant cut at the base of the plant.
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