Top 5 Strawberry Producing Countries in The World

There are different types of Strawberry varieties in the world: Albion, Allstar, Alpine, Fragaria Virginiana, Rosa LindaSweet Charlie, Chandler, Earliglow and Honeoye strawberry.
Japan is one of the first largest strawberry producing countries. The average per year production of strawberries in Japan is around 1,59,000 tonnes, making it a profitable business.
South Korea is the second most famous country for strawberry production in the world. Every year, this country produces 1,96,122 tonnes of strawberries, contributing to worldwide production.
Around 1,96,972 tonnes of strawberries are cultivated by Poland. This country is the eighth largest country for strawberries and has a huge share in the berry production of the world.
Spain is another major strawberry producing country in the world. Spain grows 3,66,161 tonnes of strawberries every year, resulting in higher profits for farmers.
Egypt produces 4,64,958 tonnes of strawberries annually. This makes it one of the most popular strawberry producing countries in the world for higher income from strawberry.
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