Top 5 Seasonal Fruits - Spring Season Fruits in India

You can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, detoxify the liver and increase nutrition by eating fruits. These benefits of spring season fruits help better body functioning.
Apricots are one of the highly cultivated fruits in the spring season. The sweet and sour taste of this spring season fruit makes it a demanded crop with a high market value.
This spring season crop is consumed as smoothies and snacks, and it is enriched with essential nutrients. Pineapples are known for their high cultivation in the spring season.
The bright colour and juicy taste of strawberries signify the season of spring. Strawberries are known for being used in different desserts and are grown as a profitable fruit.
Carrots are another highly produced fruit in the spring season. They have been grown in the spring season as the temperatures ensure a high yield of carrots for profits.
Mango is a tropical fruit, and it is grown in the summer and spring seasons in India. This spring fruit is popular as the king of fruits due to its aroma and delicious taste.
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