Top 5 Soybean Production Countries In The World

Brazil is the largest producer of soybean in the world. This country has the ideal climatic conditions for the commercial production of Soybean with higher profits.
The Soybean production in Brazil is expected at 154.0 million metric tonnes, and it is consistently increasing, resulting in higher profits for the farmers.
The United States of America also produces a huge amount of Soybeans. The popular Soybean producing states in the United States are Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.
The Soybean production in Argentina is expected at 25.0 million metric tonnes. Soybean in Argentina contributes to 30 percent of the nation’s total crop export.
China is also a leading producer of soybeans in the world. The agro-climatic conditions of China are ideal for Soybean production with higher yield and profits.
India contributes to more than 9 percent of the total Soybean production of the world. The famous soybeans produced in India are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Telangana.
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