Top 5 Sorghum Production States In India

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are the leading states for Jowar production in India, and it is profitable to grow on a large scale.
Maharashtra is a major producer of Jowar (millet) in India. This Indian state contributes a huge chunk to the overall production of millet production of the country.
Karnataka is a prominent millet production state in India, contributing highly to the nation’s millet cultivation and consumption all over the state, making it a lucrative business.
Madhya Pradesh plays a vital role in millet production, supporting the country’s agricultural landscape with its substantial contribution towards millet production.
Tamil Nadu actively participates in millet production, contributing to the diverse agricultural landscape of India with its focus on cultivating these nutritious grains.
Rajasthan's robust millet production plays an important role in improving the state's agricultural production and enhancing sustainable food systems while boosting the economy.
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