Top 5 Sonalika Mini Tractor in India 2023

The Sonalika GT 20 has a powerful 20 HP engine and comes with an oil-immersed braking system. Thus, it offers a high field performance with a price of Rs. 3.25 to 3.60 lakh.
Sonalika GT 22 is fitted with a 22 HP engine and 800 kg lifting capacity for an eye-catching field performance. Its price is Rs. 3.60 to 3.90 lakh, making it an affordable choice.
Farmers highly trust the Sonalika DI 32 Baagban for best-in-class field operations. Also, this mini tractor is priced at Rs. 5.65 to 5.95 lakh in India, which is reasonable.
The Sonalika GT 28 mini tractor is preferred for small-scale farming as it has 24 PTO HP and 6F + 2R gears. This mini tractor price is Rs. 4.75 to 5.40 lakh in India.
Sonalika GT 26 is a popular mini tractor model, equipped with a 26 HP engine and power steering. With a price of Rs. 4.60 to 4.80 lakh, it is a great farming choice.
Sonalika Baagban DI 30 has a powerful 25.5 PTO HP with an effective 1336 kg lifting capacity to ensure efficient fieldwork. It is priced at Rs. 4.60 - 5.10 lakh in India, as per farmers’ budgets.
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