Top 5 Soil Fertility Improve Methods - Tips & Importance

We can improve soil fertility by various methods, which include the production of cover crops, the cultivation of legumes and using organic manure, resulting in better soil health.
Initially, manure is given to fulfil the nitrogen requirements of the soil. Also, we can use animal waste as organic manure, which is enriched with healthy nutrients for the soil.
Biochar is a direct nutrient source as it can change the chemical and physical properties of the soil by providing essential nutrients, and it is preferred for acidic soils.
Green manure is used to prepare the soil before sowing, and its function is to lock the nutrients in the soil for healthier soil. Also, it is used as a food source for soil.
Mulching is covering the soil layer with organic substances to reduce the growth of unwanted plants, which are harmful to the soil, leading to better soil fertility.
Cultivating a variety of crops in a particular area leads to better soil fertility by preventing soil erosion and diseases that are carried to plants through the soil.
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