Top 5 Small Farming Business Idea

Mushroom farming, flower farming, Apiculture or bee rearing, dairy farming, herb farming and cultivation of microgreens are profitable for small or marginal farmers.
Mushroom farming is a lucrative business as a small farming. This type of farming can generate higher profits in less investment leading, if practiced properly.
Flower farming is carried out by a wide range of farmers for high demand of flowers in India. As a result, flower farming is ideal for marginal farmers for higher income.
Apiculture or beekeeping is the large-scale rearing of bees. It is done by man-made beehives which are provided with ideal conditions for bees, helping them to procreate.
Setting up a dairy farm will also be beneficial for Indian farmers. This is because livestock rearing is a major source of income for the Indian population with less investment.
Herb farming is adopted by farmers who cannot afford large farms. However, the profitable and demanded herbs in India are Barberry, Liquorice, Bael and Isabgol.
Microgreens are delicate and decorative plants, commonly used as a garnish in different savoury dishes. Hence, Microgreens farming is a new trend for profitable farming.
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